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On our blog you will find interesting information about dogs. Besides information about our intelligent dog tag, we also deal with topics such as nutrition, health etc. here. Everything about our beloved companions.

With our blog entries we would like to keep you up to date and expand your knowledge about dogs. Check back regurlaly so you won't miss any interesting information!

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Dogs and snow - what to consider?


Here it comes - the most peaceful of all seasons with a special characteristic: snow. For some four-legged friend it is the greatest phenomenon there is, for another it is the epitome of wet paws and discomfort. It's important to make sure that snow doesn't bring any negative consequences for your furry friend. For most dogs, the first snow is something very special: but epecially new dog owners are faced with various questions, which we would like to answer:

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Dogtap - dog tag with GPS?


Dog tags with GPS are no longer a novelty: Via an integrated GPS transmitter, the dog can be located within a defined area and always kept in sight. In this blog entry we would like to go into more detail about what GPS dog tags are all about and answer the frequently asked question: Is Dogtap a GPS dog tag?

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Reverse sneezing of dogs


Reverse sneezing - sounds impossible. But it is something that is very common in some dog breeds. Dog owners who are not familiar with this phenomenon are often very frightened when their four-legged friend suddenly starts making the typical sounds. Therefore, we would like to prepare you for exactly this case and clarify in which dogs this is particularly common and what you can do.

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NFC in a digital dog tag


Digital dog tags already exist here and there - often they are conventional dog tags with a QR code printed on them. In this blog entry, you can find out why Dogtap is a very special digital dog tag and why the so-called NFC technology makes sense apart from the QR code.

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Grass mites in dogs in summer


Admittedly, the year 2021 has not given us a particularly "summery" summer so far. Nevertheless, even with such temperatures, grass mites are a problem, especially in summer. In this blog entry, we will explain what grass mites are and how you can protect your dog.

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Valentine's day with your dog


This year, everything is a little different - the classic Valentine's Day date in a restaurant is not possible and contacts with loved ones are reduced. But there is one perfect Valentine, with whom you can spend a great Valentine's Day: your beloved pet! For tips on how to have a great Valentine's Day with your dog, check out this blog post.

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Puppy guide part 1 - Tips for your puppy's move in


Finally a new addition to your familiy: a cute little puppy. This is a very exciting time, especially for unexperienced people. But even for dog experts, a little puppy can be a special challenge. So in this blog entry we would like to give you tips and tricks, especially for the preparation before your puppy arrives.

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The digital dog tag Dogtap is coming to Fressnapf!


We have a great announcement! The digital dog brand Dogtap is no longer only available online, you can now also find it for sale in selected Fressnapf stores. You can find out what these are and when this will be available in this blog post.

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