Dogtap - The digital dog tag

Unlike ordinary dog tags, Dogtap allows information to be stored digitally on the dog tag. We would like to show you the advantages of digital data storage in the following paragraphs.

Conventional address tags for dogs are often unstable and offer just enough space for a single phone number. The integrated NFC chip makes it easy to store relevant dog and owner daata with the help of a smartphone. In addition to your own address, this can also include additional information such as the dog's chip number or health status. This has an advantage, as the chip number can usually only be read out by the verinarian, since a reader must be used for this. Thereby the profile of your dog can be changed or extended at an any time via our web portal Tap21.

In an emergency your data can be read with just one touch of the smartphone. If your dog escapes, the finde can easily contact you so that you can quickly be reunited with your dog. If the finder's smartphone is not NFC-enabled, it can alternatively retrieve the data using a QR code.

As a digital dog tag, Dogtap offers a new form of security for you and your dog and is therefore a perfect complement to the usual measures. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, many other positive characteristics of our Dogtap can be listed.

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