• Additional security for your dog

  • Activate, add all data and use it

  • A dogtap for each dog

  • And scan the data with one tap!

  • Get your own Dogtap now!

Scan your dogtap with the smartphone and register on our web portal tap21.de
Create dog profile
On tap21.de you can create a profile for your pet. Decide yourself which data you would like to publish.
Equip your dog
Equip your dog with his new digital dog tag. All data can be read out with a Tap.

Get your own Dogtap

Dogtap - What is it about?

What is Dogtap?

We really care about the safety of all dogs and want to make sure that we do everything possible to unite a runaway dog with its owner as quickly as possible. That is why we have developed Dogtap.

Learn more about Dogtap

Dogtap is a digital dog tag developed by dog lovers for other dog lovers. Since we own dogs ourselves, we know exactly what people look for in a good dog tag. Unlike ordinary dog tags, Dogtap allows information to be stored digitally. You can decide yourself which data you would like to store on it.

If you are wondering what Dogtap is about and how it can enhance your dog's security, click below to learn more about it.

Found dog with Dogtap?

Dog laying down and wearing blue dogtap on its collar

Found dog with Dogtap?

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