Dogtap as an intelligent and NFC-enabled dog tag

Surely you have heard of many NFC products that can make life easier for businesses as well as private users.

That is why our dog tags are NFC-enabled to avoid stress. Thereby you can easily provide all important data on your dog's tag. For example, if your dog is lost, Dogtap facilitates the establishment of contact between owner and finder of a dog. That is why we call our Dogtap 'intelligent'. Finders of your dog are informed about all important information through our intelligent dog tag.

NFC (Near Field Communication) guarantees you security and certainty, as you can view all data from anywhere and add or change it easily with the help of our web portal Tap21. Looking for an intelligent, NFC-enabled and easy-to-use dog tag? Then Dogtap is just the thing for you.

Curious? You can also find many other facts abour our Dogtap:

Dogtap - stores your data digitally

Waterproof and robust - so that your dog can be dog

Dogtap - the dog tag with QR code