Dogtap - the improved address tag for dogs

With our Dogtap we tried to avoid the disadvantages of common address tags. And we were successful.

Adress tags for dogs can be found in many different forms - be it as small capsules into which you can insert small notes, or as a normal engraved dog tag. However, both forms have many disadvantages. Address tags in the form of capsules often only offer space for a single miniature size note. More than one telephone number is inconceivable on such slips of paper if one wants them to be recognizable for the naked eye. In addition, such address tags are often gone in a short time - either because they have fallen off or because they were used as chewing toys. Engraved dog tags are often more robust than capsule address tags. However, they have the same disadvantage: space is limited. In addition, you may not always want to present your phone number visibly to everyone.

So how does Dogtap avoid these disadvantages? Because the data is stored digitally, there is room for a lot of data. With Dogtap you can decide yourself whether your data should be freely visible during scanning. Even if you decide to keep your address or contact details invisible, you can be contacted via the Dogtap if your dog runs away. Additionally, we have made sure that our Dogtap is both waterproof and robust.

Enough with old address tags for dogs! Dogtap is the new and improved address tag for all dogs, which also puts engraved dog tags in the shade.

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