Address and phone number on dog tag

Conventional dog tags offer just enough space for one piece of information, usually an address or phone number. With Dogtap you can store much more than just your address and phone number on the dog tag. You have the possibility to store different data, such as your dog's peculiarities or his feeding routine. You could even enter an additional phone number or address, such as the contact information of your dog's vet. You decide which data you want to save on the dogtap and whether it should be visible at all when scanning.

Another advantage is that it is no problem if your data changes. Conventional dog tags are no longer usable if your telephone number changes, but with Dogtap this is not a problem. For example, if your phone number changes, you can easily change the according information on your dogtap. Your dogtap is linked to your dog's personal profile. You can then easily view the stored information by scanning the dogtap with your smartphone. Should your dog ever run away, a potential finder can do exactly that - he scans the dogtap and immediately sees your phone number where he can contact you. We want to make sure that a finder doesn't have to take your dog to the vet to read the chip, for example. By storing more than just your address and phone number on the dog tag, you can also ensure that your dog gets the best possible care. This is important, for example, if you are on holiday and therefore not easily reachable.

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