Dogtap the digital dog file

Dogtap the digital dog file

Dogtap is more than just a dog tag or address tag for your dog. Dogtap also takes on the role of a digital dog file. Why do you ask yourself? It's simple!

A file is a collection of data about a subject or a person. In this case you will find a collection of data on the digital dog tag Dogtap. Data that you store on it yourself. In this way, just like in a digital file, you collect all relevant information about your dog or you as owner. No matter if phone number, address, profile or special behaviour - all important information can be stored on the Dogtap and edited at any time. This way you can be identified and contacted as a dog owner at any time without any effort - without detours via vet or shelter. Through the digital dog file, which Dogtap embodies, you can take an important measure for the safety of your dog.

Dogtap is specialized on bringing dog and owner together in case of an emergency. Take a look at our partner Cloud4Pets, to learn about a concept of a digital dog file.

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