About us

About us

We - the team of NFC21 GmbH and Sabocon GmbH - and our furry companions would like to introduce ourselves to you and explain the motivation behind the development of the Dogtap.

Since we are dog owners ourselves - and therefore of course also dog lovers - the well-being of all dogs is very important to us. Every dog owner has experienced the short moment of shock when the dog escapes for some time during a walk. Although fortunately in most cases it is only a brief moment of shock, we have thought a lot about what could be done in order to reunite a dog and his owner in emergencies.

Based on this deliberation, it occured to us to develop a dog tag that can help with that. And because our hearts do not only belong to dogs, but also to NFC technology, the combination of both led to our Dogtap.

The goal behind Dogtap is to combine our many years of experience with both dogs and NFC in such a way that the best possible result can be achieved. By doing this the disadvantages of normal dog tags do not apply anymore and are a thing of the past. We are always striving to develop and improve our Dogtap so that a lost dog can be reunited with his owner as quickly as possible. Whether it is one of our beloved dogs or any other dog in the world.

We hope very much that we could show you the advantages of our Dogtap. If you would like to get to know more about our products, please visit our website or our shop. If you have any questions about Dogtap or any other of our NFC products, do not hesitate to contact us.

Your Dogtap Team