Data tag for your dog

Data tag for your dog

You are looking for a data tag for your dog and thus for a possibility to carry all relevant data directly on your dog? With Dogtap you have found the solution!

Dogtap is a dog tag on which all important data can be stored digitally. You decide yourself which data you want to store on the tag and of course you can edit it at any time. Such a data tag for the dog has the advantage that in an emergency someone can identify you as the owner at any time and without having to make a detour to the vet, e.g. to have the chip read first. The reading of the dog tag works easily with any smartphone. So you could be contacted even at 4 o'clock in the morning on a Sunday directly on the spot.

Because Dogtap is a digital data tag, the data can always be kept up to date - even if you go on holiday and want to store the number of the person who is looking after your dog in the meantime.

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