The Cloud for animal lovers

The Cloud for animal lovers

Are you an enthusiastic user of a cloud for all your relevant data? So that you always have it safe and always at hand? Then why isn't there a cloud for animal lovers?

It does! Namely with Dogtap - the digital dog tag. The Dogtap is linked to a dog profile - that of your dog - which contains all relevant data about you and your dog. Of course, you decide yourself which data you want to store in the cloud. Of course you can edit the data at any time if something changes about you or your dog. This makes it easy for a potential finder to identify and contact you as a dog owner in an emergency. Without any effort to first find you as the owner. The Dogtap can be easily read with your own Smartphone. So you have the relevant data at hand at all times. Therefore Dogtap is ideal as a cloud for every animal lover!

Dogtap is specialized on bringing dog and owner together in case of an emergency. Take a look at our partner Cloud4Pets, to learn about a concept of a digital dog file.

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