ID for dogs

A personal ID like the passport is an official document to identify a person. Relevant information like name, birthplace, size and a picture are printed on it. In everyday life the passport is, for example, used during border control. In addition to printed information, modern passports contain NFC-Chips which store additional digital data and can be used for digital signatures for instance.

Currently, there is no detailed ID for dogs in Germany or European countries in general. In order to pay taxes, one has to register a dog and retrieved a unique identification number but further details about the dog are not documented. Even though a detailed ID document about a dog would bring multiple benefits. Details like calling name, contact of owner, breed and medical information could be used to aid the dog. In case of an emergency such data could be used to contact the owner or provide correct medical information. However, a printed ID would not be suitable for a dog as the document should be somehow worn by the dog at any time.

Dogtap is our solution to provide a digital dog ID. The Dogtap can be attached to the collar and be worn at any time by the dog. To store information every Dogtap is connected to a detailed dog profile by its integrated NFC-Chip and QR-Code. Every smartphone can read and display the information. Instead of using a paper-based ID, Dogtap is an intelligent solution to provide all information about the dog directly attached to the dog. Take a look around on our homepage to learn more about the benefits of a digital dog ID.

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