Dogtap – the digital dog accessory

Our digital dog tag Dogtap is the ideal NFC dog accessory for your dog. In the form of a bone or as a flexible silicone version - the Dogtap dog tag is suitable for every dog.

Why? Because with NFC it is possible to read out all the data you store about yourself and your dog on the dog profile with the help of a smartphone. You can decide for yourself which data you want to disclose about yourself and your loyal companion. This means that if your dog escapes you, finders can easily contact you. You don't have to take the exhausting detour via the vet, animal welfare or an animal registry. Dogtap is much more than a normal dog accessory - the Dogtap contributes to the protection and safety of your four-legged friend.

Dogtap, as a digital NFC dog accessory, is an enormous support, but also a beautiful accessory! Whether Solid or Light, Dogtap is available in many different colours.

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