Online-vet and Dogtap

In an emergency, an online veterinarian can help you determine whether your dog is seriously injured or sick. Why is this helpful and what do online veterinarians have to do with the dogtap? We will explain this to you in the following.

Should your dog ever run away, we hope that someone will find your dog as soon as possible and bring it to you. With the help of Dogtap the contact between you and a potential finder is  simplified and accelerated. With the help of the dogtap you can also be sure that your dog is well looked after at all times. For more information you can find the different advantages of the dogtap on this page.

If someone finds your dog, they must first make sure that your dog is well. However, if it is difficult to move the dog at that moment, e.g. because it cannot walk, and the finder does not have enough veterinary knowledge, an online veterinarian can help. He can be contacted (at certain times) by phone or e-mail. The finder can explain the situation to the online vetquickly and without waiting time. So, he can also be guided by the online veterinarian to provide first aid. The Dogtap provides additional information about the dog quickly and easily. With only one scan you can see the complete profile of the dog and all information provided by the owner. This information helps the online veterinarian to better diagnose and give advice.

So you can see that the dogtap can be an important asset if your dog needs first aid without having to leave the place where he is. In addition, online veterinarians provide valuable advice.

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