The perfect dog pendant as a bone - the ideal pendant for your dog

Our Dogtap Solid is our digital dog tag in the form of a bone that can easily be used as a dog collar pendant. The pendant is therefore the ideal accessory for your dog.

In contrast to conventional dog tags, all data is stored digitally on the Dogtap tag. So it is no problem to store as much data as you like, which you can change at any time. Should your dog run away, a potential finder will see - by a simple scan of the pretty bone pendant - all of the stored data. He can then notify you with just one click - without having to make the detour via the vet or animal welfare. If you are not reachable you can at least make sure that your dog can be well cared for in case of emergency by indicating e.g. important medicines on the dog pendant.

The stylish bone shape of the dogtap is a real eye-catcher for every finder - so the pendant never goes unnoticed!

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