Waterproof and robust - Our Dogtap

Every dow owner know the time-consuimg search for possibilities to keep important contact data near the dog in case he goes missing. The search for a robust and waterproof dog tag is often difficult. Dogtap is the solution to this problem due to its unique product properties.

The Dogtap is made of PVC and is also equipped with a protective epoxy layer. To ensure stability, the Dogtap is additionally fitted with a metal frame to which a metal ring is attached. This makes it easy to attach the Dogtap to the dog's collar like a normal dog tag. by using the materials mentioned, Dogtap is a very light, noiseless dog tag, into which neither water nor dirt can penetrate.

So, if you have already been looking for a dog tag that is as waterproof and robust as possible, you should choose our Dogtap. Even if your four-legged darling loves long walks and intensive mud baths, you do not run the risk of your Dogtap being demolished.

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