Comparing our Dogtap Light and Dogtap Solid

Dogtap Light und Dogtap Solid als Stapel

In the following we will compare both our Dogtaps with each other. You will see that they combine each other perfectly.

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The Dogtap Solid

Our Dogtap Solid is a beautiful accessory for every dog. The Dogtap Solid is shaped as a bone and available in different colors.

Our high-quality Dogtap Solid is the perfect eye-catcher. The tag does not only look good, but also convinces due to the digital additional functions. The material consists of PVC and is provided with an additional epoxy layer. The Dogtap Solid is also edged with a metal layer. All this ensures that it is robust and waterproof at the same time. Your dog can romp and splash as much as he wants without the dog tag getting dirty or no longer working. The Dogtap Solid is fastened by a ring at the collar. Of course it is also possible to attach it to the harness. You can decide how and where you want to attach your Dogtap Solid to your dog accessories.

The Dogtap Light

Our Dogtap Light is a true everyday companion for your dog. Especially for smaller dogs, the Dogtap Light is a lighter alternative to the Dogtap Solid. Nevertheless the Dogtap Light does not have to exclude or replace the additional possession of the Dogtap Solid.

The Light version is completely made of silicone and is also robust and waterproof. The texture of the material gives the Dogtap Light a matt, unobtrusive surface. The embossed letters stand out as a tangible feature. Thus this Dogtap is in contrast to the Solid variant rather reserved and puts the focus on the combined dog accessories, because the Dogtap Light is threaded on the leash or the collar. Due to the silicone the Dogtap Light is noiseless and therefore ideal for everyday use. Your dog can swim in the river just like the Dogtap Solid and let off steam without damaging the digital dog tag or getting dirty. The Dogtap Light is also available in many different colours, including your favourite colour to match your dog.

Both the logo and the QR code can be found on the front of the Dogtap Light, which is different from the Dogtap Solid.

Which variant should I choose?

Which digital dog tag you choose is simply up to your individual taste! The main difference is the design and the material of both dog tags.

Both Dogtap variants fulfil the same function. Thanks to the NFC technology, both the Dogtap Solid and the Dogtap Light can be read using a smartphone. This means, in case your dog should run away from you, finders can easily contact you by holding their smartphone to the respective dogtap. You can decide for yourself what information you want to reveal about yourself and your dog. All entries can be made easily in your online dog profile. So your dog will find you back as soon as possible!

Do I only have to decide for one variant?

The answer is: No! You can have several Dogtaps!

You can have several dogtaps. No variant excludes the other - on the contrary. Your dog can have as many dogtaps as you like, whether Solid, Light or both. Because you can easily link them to your dog's online dog profile and have all data and information ready at a glance. So you don't have to create the same profile for your dog several times! When activating the new dogtap you will be asked automatically.

An example why both variants are not mutually exclusive

You can use the Dogtap Solid to go out with your dog, for example, if you want it to look particularly chic at an appointment or meeting. You can use the Dogtap Light in everyday life, for example, if you want it to be pragmatic and simple. There is also nothing against wearing the Dogtap Solid on a collar and the Dogtap Light on a leash.


Whether the Dogtap Solid or the Dogtap Light, both fulfil the same function.

You can decide for yourself which variant you like better or which is more suitable for your dog. Both do not exclude each other, because by linking your online dog profile, you can also have both variants and several dog taps without problems. There are our intelligent dog tags in many different colors, where you can find the right color for your faithful companion and his existing accessories.

You can have a look at both Dogtap variants in our shop.

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