Which diet is right for my dog?

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Dogs are canivorous animals, which means that they mostly eat meat. A healthy digestive system is the basis for a good digestion to ensure vital nutrients for the supply of the dog. This nutrients include proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals. Therefore, your dog's diet should be balanced to meet his needs. However, the nutritional requirements vary from dog to dog depending on age, weight, breed, physical acitvity, mental and physical requirements or existing illnesses. There are several ways to feed your dog. Either with dry food, wet food or with the relatively new BARF method. We now present the individual methods and their advantages and disadvantages.

Dry Food

Advantages Disadavantes
Often cheaper than wet food or BARF with a longer shelf life (approx. 12 months). It is not necessary to use artifical preservatives. Natural antioxidants such as vitamins C and E are able to preserve the food. It only contains about 10% water, which is why the dog must dring enough extra liquids.
It encourages chewing, which is important for teeth and digestion. Chewing also ensures healthy teeth and saturation occurs more quickly than with wet food. Attention must be paid to the quality and ingredients of the food, as some food manufacturers produce varieties with a high cereal content. This means that little nutrients can be transported and allergies can be triggered in dogs. It is best to choose a food without cereal.
The portions are smaller, as the energy requirement is met more quickly. The food must be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. Otherwise mites can occur and the dog can develop skin diseases.
The rationing is simple and you do not have to be afraid of under- or overfeeding your dog.
It is more environmentally friendly because it produces less packaging waste.

Canned (wet) food

Advantages Disadvantages
The water content in the food amounts up to approx. 70%. Therefore the dog needs less external liquids. Due to the high water content, the dog must consume more food to completely cover his energy requirements. Sometimes diarrhea can occur.
Wet food normally containts a higher proportion of animal protein than dry food, which is important. Attention must be paid to the respective ingredients of the wet food, as there are often differences between the food manufacturers.
It is very tasty for the dog and it is easier to mix in medication or medicine than with dry food. To extend shelf life, food manufacturers usually have to use artificial preservatives, sugar or moisturizers.
Dogs that tend to drink too little absorb a higher percentage of moisture with wet food than with dry food. The juicy consistency of the wet food does not promote tooth abrasion, which can promote bad breath.


Advantages Disadvantages
Mostly fresh products are used, so that you can assure that you are feeding high quality food. Dog owners must inform themselves and pay attention to what they feed the dog and in which amount so that he receives all necessary and essential nutrients.
There is no need to worry about hidden cereals that are bad for the dog's digestion. It also contains no additional artifical fillers. It is more time and cost intensive. Since everything is freshly prepared, the food must be prepared beforehand.
The rations can be individually adapted to the needs of your dog. Many veterinarians warn of infection risks, which are increased by raw feeding.

We hope that by comparing the respective advantages and disadvantages we could give you an overview and facilitate your decision if necessary.

(Sources: Josera, hundefutter-tests.net, barf-factory.de)

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