Ticks - how can I protect my dog?


Ticks find a habitat in almost every spot in nature. Whether on the roadsidem in the woods or on shores. They are everywhere to be found. Ticks usually bite your dog near the head or chest region. Also, the neck and shoulders are often affected. So, try to pay special attention to these regions. Dogs with long hair are usually more susceptible to ticks than dogs with short hair.

 So to protect your dog, you need to be careful. There are natural means or biological and/or veterinary prescribed means to prevent ticks from biting your dog. For example, many dog owners use oils such as tea tree oil or coconut oil. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which keeps ticks away from dogs. However, the dog must be rubbed generously with it every day to achieve the desired effect and to keep ticks away completely. Alternatively you can get ask your vet for certain pills that the dog needs to ingest in order to repel ticks.

To prevent your dog from being exposed to the many diseases that can be transmitted by a tick bite, there are veterinary methods that you can use to avoid such problems. We strongly recommend that you vaccinate your dog agains Lyme disease, as every third tick is infected with Lyme disease on average. This can cause your dog to feel pain in the joints and get a fever. In the worst case, the kidneys can be affected, which can result in organ damage. Therefore, Tick repellents should be used regularly to kill or keep away ticks.

Above all, it is important to search for ticks regularly after each walk. You should also not neglect yourself when searching, because unlike with dogs or horses, there is no vaccination agains Lyme disease for humans yet.

Whether you decide to treat your dog with natural or chemical remedies, try to take precautions and if you notice any symptoms, see a vet immediately.

We hope we could help you with this blog entry and wish you a stress-free tick time!

Sources: Beste Hunde, Parasitenportal

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