New Year's Eve with your dog

Now it's time again. The contemplative Christmas season is over again and New Year's Eve is just around the corner. The quiet atmosphere is replaced by an unpleasant feeling, because New Year's Eve with the dog is not always easy. Even if every dog deals differently with the New Year's Eve noise and not every dog is afraid, we would like to give you a few advices, how you can look forward further to the celebration with your dog, without stressing over.

As with Christmas, one of the most important tips is to behave as normally as possible. Your dog can feel stress, so he'll immediately notice that you're behaving differently than usual. By behaving as normally as possible, you give him a signal that he doesn't have to be afraid. Try to stay calm and keep your routine as usual. This may seem a bit difficult at first on a holiday, but it is important that you make your dog feel used to it.

Before it gets dark, it's a good idea to take your dog for a long walk. In the dark you will not be able to see well what your dog might eat accidentally if you don't take a closer look. Especially firecrackers can be very poisonous for your dog, so try to go bigger rounds in the light to consciously avoid this situation. Of course this also applies to the following day.

Go in the dark rather known routes and try not to be outside when the first people start to fire. If your dog isn't balanced enough after that, keep him busy in the apartment. For example, play his favorite games and let him show you his favorite tricks. You should also keep your dog on a leash if your dog is jumpy. In this way you can avoid your dog from running away because of fear and stress caused by New Year's Eve crackers.

If it is in the evening and the New Year's Eve crash starts already before New Year's Eve, it offers itself to distract your dog. It helps if you turn up the TV or turn on the radio loudly. Many dogs are helped by action films, for example, which distract them from the sounds and light outside. If your dog is very scared, you can also darken the windows for safety. Be sure to close all windows and doors, such as your garden door, to prevent your dog from fleeing. You can also get him his favourite food or special treats to make the evening as pleasant as possible for him.

It is also very important that you offer your dog a place to retreat. Build him a small cave of blankets and let him into his favourite room. Make sure he feels comfortable and give him attention when he is looking for closeness. It is important that you do not leave him alone. It is best to move your celebration to your home and not to go outside with him when the New Year's noise begins.

If none of these measures help, then consider using chemical or homeopathic remedies to calm your dog down. However, make sure you discuss this with your vet beforehand! Regardless of how your dog reacts to New Year's Eve, it is important that you give him a sense of security. If you have a calm charisma, this will also transfer to your dog.

We wish you a fearless New Year's Eve and a happy new year!

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