Female dogs can become pregnant when they are in heat. This means that your dog can get pregnant about every eight months. If your dog is pregnant, the pregnancy usually lasts 57 to 65 days.


Approximately thirty days after pregnancy, the teats of your dog may swell. Some dogs already have some milk in their teats at this time. Similar to humans, nausea and vomiting can occur at the beginning of pregnancy. Another sign is that over the next few days you will notice that your dog’s abdominal girth will be increasing. At first this happens slowly, but as the pregnancy progresses the stomach will increasy steadily. During this time you will also notice that your dog’s appetite will increase significantly and she may develop a preference for certain foods. Therefore, pay attention to her diet and make sure that she receives all important nutrients during pregnancy.

However, you will not only be able to see your dog’s pregnancy from the outside, but her behaviour will also show you that something is changing. Many dogs become very affectionate during pregnancy and prefer to be stroked more. They develop an increased need for sleep and also clean themselves more often, especially their genitals. Make sure that your dog feels safe and support her by, for example, building her a litter camp in a quiet and warm place.

Shortly before the birth your dog will become noticeably restless and will scratch the ground. There may be a drop in your dog’s body temperature about 24 hours before birth, but it will rise again as soon as the birth begins. In addition, there is a greenish discharge which demonstrates the bursting of the amniotic sac. If your dog goes into labour, she may pant or tremble. Normally, the birth proceeds smoothly and without complications. However, you should always be present to assist your dog and be able to contact your trusted veterinarian in case of an emergency.

As you can see there are some signs that your dog is pregnant. Pay attention to her behaviour and be considerate of her. Try to support her in time and provide her with the necessary measures she needs.

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