Easter time with your dog

 Easter is - similar to Christmas - an exciting time. But not only for you, but also for your dog. Your dog will not only notice the changing season, but also the excitement. Fascinated by the decoration, the wreaths and the colorful eggs, there are however some things you should pay attention to during this time. We've put together a few tips for you on how to make Easter a relaxing time for you and your dog.


Sources of danger for your dog

One example of a source of danger are plastic eggs. Be careful here, because dogs often regard them as play balls. If a dog plays with them, the results can be splinters, which can lead to injuries because plastic eggs are easily fragile. As an alternative, it is better to use real eggs as decoration.

Furthermore, chocolate eggs, which are packed in plastic, can be a source of danger for your dog. The plastic is poisonous for your dog , as well as the chocolate. So, make sure that it is not within your dog's reach. In general, try to limit your decorations or not to place them in places where your dog can get along well or is tempted to play with them.

The Easter visit

No matter whether you are the host yourself or you visit your family with your dog - stress for your dog is pre-programmed. In order to avoid stress for your dog as much as possible, it is essential to treat him respectfully during this time. For example, do not leave children unattended with your dog unless there is already a great deal of trust between them. The best thing to do is to give him a place to retreat so that he can hide if he wants to. This will give him peace and quiet when there is too much hustle around him. In addition, try to keep your dog's usual feeding and walking times despite visiting. This is a way to you keep your routine and your dog will not be upset. Family visits are therefore more relaxed, because your dog is taken care of right from the start.

Hide-and-seek for your dog

You can involve your dog in Eastern’s hide and seek, as well. Instead of the usual Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies, you can hide tasty treats in baskets for your dog. He will certainly also be happy about a new toy. You will see, he will be happy. You can organize the search for example together with your children. No matter whether in the garden or at home, you will notice that your dog will be excited.

As you can see, the Easter time has many surprises in store for you and your dog. During this time it is important to listen to your dog's signals and to consider his needs. Pay attention to possible sources of danger so that nothing happens to your dog and you can relax and enjoy the Easter time.

We wish you a happy Easter!

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