Dental care for your dog

If you haven't - don't worry! In this entry we have all the information you need about dental care for dogs. Surely you take care of your own dental hygiene in everyday life and brush your teeth several times a day. In the best case you use dental floss and regularly go to the dentist for check-ups. Of course, dogs cannot follow all these procedures, which can lead to bad breath, inflamed gums and even tooth loss.

In the most common cases, dental problems in dogs start with the formation of plaque and later tartar. Plaque is a barely visible layer that can form on the teeth over time. Plaque consists of food residues, mucus and bacteria. If it is removed only after a longer period of time, you will quickly notice that tartar has formed from the plaque. Caries and periodontosis can be serious consequences of dental problems for your dog.

In the following there are the mot important tips listed:

  • Invest in high quality dry food! It stimulates your dog to chew, promotes tooth abrasion and strengthens the teeth.
  • Always provide fresh drinking water so that your dog's saliva is not too viscous.
  • You can buy special chewing items to promote tooth abrasion.
  • Feed your dog with dry food instead of wet food to counteract bad breath.
  • Check your dog's teeth regularly with your vet.
  • Avoid foods that contain sugar to prevent tooth decay.
  • Brush your dog's teeth! This might sound strange to you, but it is effective against plaque and bad breath. To make brushing your dog's teeth pleasant, there is special dog toothpaste that tastes like meat. Do not use toothpaste for humans at all! The composition is not suitable for dogs.

Now you have a concrete overview and tips on what you can do if your dog suffers from toothache or if you have no idea what you should take into account when keeping a dog clean.

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