Access Cloud– insert dogs’ data
– edit/update whenever you like
– wherever you like
Equip Dog– attach to your dogs’ leash
– 100% safe NFC technology
– surgery free
Receive Data– receive data in just one tap!
– for veterinarians, dog sitters, lost dogs…
– save injured dogs

What's a DogTap?

Our new DOGTAP connects your pet to our safe ID tag system!
It gives you a secure feeling by knowing that your lost or injured dog will be reunited with you within a very short time!

It eases paper work for dog sitters, insurances and for veterinarians.

With just ONE tap using the NFC enabled smartphone on the ID tag, you get access to your dogs’ data and can share it when needed..

Alternatively, you can also use the QR code on the backside if you have no NFC enabled smartphone.


The NFC enabled DOGTAP is readable on most devices, link with list is here:

Intended For: Dogs
Pet Size: fits all sizes
Leash Type: Collar Tag
Material: Epoxy/ PVC
Dimensions: DOGTAP measures at: L: 40mm x W: 28mm x H: 1,5mm
Cleaning Instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

What does a Dogtap do?

DOGTAP stores the most important information of your dog safely to help saving lost and injured dogs, to ease the information exchange to veterinarians, insurances and dog sitters.

For example: veterinarian contact and location, insurance information, name and health conditions, first and secondary contacts, food plan etc. – all protected and safely stored with our protected cloud software.

Your dogs’ profile can be updated anytime and everywhere. The DOGTAP is practical for all dog parents and unlike micro-chips: surgery-free!

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